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Sketchypone by Ste-C
For :iconsketchypon3: You're gonna love it.

This belongs to her. :) The pen reference stays with me. >:?I
Down and outed by Ste-C
Down and outed
Look, I can do other chars, to- not yet, SteC! Next picture. Anyhow, Cord's upset over sum'. I hope it's worth it... :/

Corduroy Road (c) SteCisTTWG 2004-2014
Java Jive by Ste-C
Java Jive
For the Coffee one.

Java Jive belongs to :iconjava--jive:

Art (c) SteCisTTWG 2004-2014
Purplecordyboltpone by Ste-C
Whatever he did to become an honourary 'Bolt will never be revealed. BD

Corduroy Road (c) SteCisTTWG 2004-2014
Hitches get Stitches by Ste-C
Hitches get Stitches
He went for the horns. Not recommended in the pool.

Corduroy Road (c) SteCisTTWG 2004-2014
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Commissions ~ Open -->…

There's not enough action around here so let's make a big fuss and get some gears turning.

Amongst the last half-year of jobhunting, this one stuck out like a diamond in the rough. Take it what you will but in the middle of April, I had a job interview with, of all companies SEGA for an in-house role in licensing down in London. Long story short, I didn't get the job and you could imagine how ticked off I would have been from hearing the word back. Nope, I felt happy and privelaged to have gotten SEGA's attention with my workload - still happy with how far I've come, actually - and I have a feeling it won't be my last brush with success for a while yet. ;)

I have since applied for the local police force at the request of some family members and now in the next stage of the recruitment process with a test coming up this Friday. Sounds good!

With all seriousness (and nobody likes me being serious. Paints a bad reflection on my talent, you know), all I'm worried is how complacent I'm becoming with balacing all of this with my ongoing search for work. I'm still a freelancer, working exclusively with another London company, where my only independant income is coming from besides using eBay in a blue moon. Artworking no longer becomes a priority and I really wanted to stick out as long as possible until I have success in finding work. Now I realise that I should do a better job at scheduling my time for this and not let my time twiddle away with all this nasty complacency. I'm far from churning the amount of workload like I did in 2006 but I aim to top this off at some point this year.

Or at least that's what my heart are telling me. Got nothing more to add. Do Note me if you fancy a commission! ;D


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A multimedia and graphic design graduate and dA member for 9 years, I am well versed in Digital Art, Photography and Vector Art. This page reflects what I do for fun.

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PrincessKayaforever Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student
Do you ever take requests?
Ste-C Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
No requests, sadly. Commissions are open if you'd like one.
PrincessKayaforever Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student
How much will it cost?
Ste-C Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Here're the prices for each kind of drawing.…
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Howdy! Ah' just came here to wish ya a Happy Birthday!! :D :party: :cake: :party:
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Happy Birthday
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Whee! dA looks different again. Oh come off it, it looks okay. I may change some widgets around to make it look right.
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